Ski School Beginners App - Ski Lessons for Beginners on your iPhone, Nokia Symbian and Windows 7 Phones

Learn how to ski with the Ski School Beginners App. It will take you from your first time on snow right through to introducing a basic parallel turn. Carefully designed ski lessons will complement on-slope tuition with a qualified instructor and cover all the basics: putting your skis on, straight runs, snowplough, turning and will give you the skills to learn how to ski in control.

Stunning videos are accompanied by split screen video analysis, history timeline and intuitive cue cards to help reinforce the topics and enhance your learning experience.

Get Ski School Beginners App now and join Darren Turner on his quest to teach you how to ski confidently and in control.

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Optimised for iPhone®. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch® and iPad®. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later. Version 1.0 with all the films available on Nokia Symbian and Windows phone 7.

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